The Wooden Experience

The unique balance, durability, and strength of a TimberStix shaft makes the game of lacrosse enjoyable, providing a connection with the game like no other shaft on the market. The light weight, balance and versatility is second to none. These shafts are 100% American Made! While there are a number of performance enhancers behind a TimberStix Lacrosse shaft, there is a lifestyle enhancement as well. Being the top level player on the lacrosse field is one thing but standing out to college coaches and your friends with a fresh new TimberStix Lacrosse shaft is a whole different level! Another impressive advantage of a TimberStix is the price level we have set our shafts at. We want to provide you with the highest quality, NCAA legal wooden lacrosse shaft at the most completive price and that is why the shaft is priced at $45.99 compared to our competitors pricing range from $100 to $200. There is no quality lost in our product, we just want to create an affordable product. The TimberStix experience is unique and is one that must be tried. Make the switch and enjoy the experience.

Concerns about strength and weight? The TimberStix lacrosse shafts are extremely strong and durable, providing a unique balance of strength and weight. Wooden lacrosse shafts are thought to be much heavier than metal shafts but the weight is actually comparable to a high performance metal shaft. The overall balance of a TimberStix is far superior to a metal shaft, providing a whole new feel to the game.