The TimberStix Story

TimberStix Lacrosse is a family-run manufacturer of high performance NCAA legal wooden lacrosse sticks. These handmade hardwood lacrosse sticks are both strong as well as versatile, and are made from the highest quality and straightest grain Ash. The unique balance, durability, and strength of a TimberStix shaft makes the game of lacrosse enjoyable, providing a connection with the game like no other shaft on the market. These shafts are 100% American Made! Along with your performance being enhanced when using a TimberStix Lacrosse shaft , your lifestyle will also be enhanced. Being the top level player on the lacrosse field is one thing but standing out to college coaches and your friends with a fresh new TimberStix Lacrosse wooden shaft takes that experience to a whole different level! Another impressive advantage of TimberStix is the price level we have set ourselves at. We want to provide you with the highest quality lacrosse shaft at the most competitive price and that is why the shaft is priced at $45.99 compared to our competitors pricing range from $100 to $200. There is no quality lost in our product, we just want to create affordable products. The TimberStix experience is unique and is one that must be tried. Make the switch and enjoy the experience.

Cortland Begor is a sophomore at Dartmouth College who played on the mens varsity lacrosse team his freshman year but decided to pursue downhill ski racing. He previously attended Proctor Academy in Andover, NH where he played varsity lacrosse for four years in a very competitive league. During his Junior Spring Cortland founded TimberStix Lacrosse. He is an avid lacrosse player who has combined his love for the sport with his entrepreneurial knowledge to guide him in creating a unique and successful small business. He has worked hard to create TimberStix lacrosse into a new and inspiring lifestyle company that portrays a simpler and more carefree lacrosse lifestyle.