"The TimberStix shaft is significantly lighter than lots of other wood shafts that I have tried, giving it a very nice feel in your hands when a head is on it. The durability on the TimberStix shaft is very good. I used this shaft for a few hard fought games towards the end of my Sr. B box season for defense and it held up great" (Anthony Falcon-Lacrosse Playground).

“TimberStix is the next big thing to come into the growing lacrosse world. The shaft is not only light and strong, but it gives players a feel of how the game used to be played. It brings some of the culture back into the game and this company will take off with people giving this shaft a chance. Reactions to me letting people hold my stick usually go like, "Wow this is actually really light and looks awesome." I'm really looking forward to seeing how far this company goes and I know it can do big things” (Justin Guterding, Graden City, 2013 - Salisbury School, 2014 - Duke University, 2018)

“So using the shaft at first I didn't know what to expect other than it being heavy, but when I first started using it I discovered that it was the lightest, but most dense wood shaft I have ever used. I play midfield so it's great for playing defense due to the strength of the shaft” (Jack Gilio New Cannan High School, 2014 - College of Wooster, 2018)

“I am very impressed with the TimberStix lacrosse shaft. It is sturdy and relatively light weight compared to other wooden shafts I have seen.  I truly enjoy the wooden make and how it pays homage to the history of the game while at the same time utilizing a modern design. This balance between past and present makes this shaft effective and provides a historical connection that has been lost with today’s lacrosse shafts” (Bobby Dattilo Hobart College, 2012 - Ohio Machine, Present)

“After using the TimberStix shaft, it didn't take me long to notice the benefits. The strength and density of the shaft added speed to my shot while the durability of the wood allowed me to play physical on the ride without worrying about it breaking or bowing. The defined ridges make it a great stick for attack man as it enables me to have an excellent grip while driving one handed. This is a must have for any short stick player regardless of position as it's versatility enhances so many aspects of your game”(Jimmy Daily Stevenson University, 2011 - Atlanta Blaze, Present)