Frequently Asked Questions about TimberStix Lacrosse: 

What is TimberStix?

    TimberStix is a family-run manufacturer of traditional handcrafted wooden lacrosse shafts based out of Southern New Hampshire. These handmade hardwood lacrosse shafts are both strong as well as versatile. We have perfected the art of creating wooden lacrosse shafts over many years of research as well as trial and error. Made from the highest quality and straightest grain Ash, the unique balance, durability, and strength of a TimberStix shaft makes the game of lacrosse enjoyable, providing a connection with the game like no other shaft on the market. These shafts are 100% American made, providing you with the highest quality, reasonably priced, and unique wooden lacrosse shaft that is available on the market today. 

What are the benefits of a TimberStix wooden lacrosse shaft?  

  •  The lightweight, yet incredible strength of the TimberStix shaft sets it apart from generic metal and composite shafts. 
  • TimberStix are very affordable, especially compared to the overly expensive metal and synthetic shafts that range from $100 to $200.
  • Unique and different from any other player on the field, you will stand out with a fresh, new, high performance wooden lacrosse shaft. 
  • The key aspect to TimberStix shafts is the overall balance of your complete stick with a ball on the strings. A balance you will find to be superb and superior to a metal shaft.
  • TimberStix shafts are a sustainable and GREEN alternative to generic lacrosse shafts, made from local trees.
  • Wooden lacrosse shafts perform differently on the field. The connection between player and ball is like nothing you have experienced. You will notice the difference right away.
  • Wooden lacrosse shafts are great for cold weather because the shaft does not get cold on your hands.
  • TimberStix shafts provide a menacing blow that will cause your opponent to back off. 
  • Traditional wooden lacrosse shafts honor the history of the game of lacrosse. 
  • There is a unique feel that a wooden lacrosse shaft provides that is unlike any other metal or synthetic shaft on the market.
  • There is an unexplained spiritual aspect to the shafts, bringing you back to the creation of the sport.
  • TimberStix are made from wood using a GREEN production process, making them environmentally friendly!

Do you offer dealer pricing for the shafts?

      TimberStix is proud of its unique ability to target its customers through its customers. Creating a personal experience for every buyer is a critical part of our business. If you are a retailer or a lacrosse player and want to join the ambassador program, please contact us at and visit our wholesale and ambassador page on our site.

Can I use this stick in a game? Are they legal? Do they fit all heads?

     Wooden lacrosse shafts are approved for all levels of men’s lacrosse including the NCAA. TimberStix are also cut to precision dimensions making the circumference NCAA-legal for play at all levels. TimberStix shafts will fit almost any brand head, although every head is slightly different and the shafts will expand and contract a few thousands of an inch because of the moisture in all wood products. A simple piece of tape will create a snug fit if the shaft is too small. If it is tight, a quick sanding will ensure a perfect fit.

How strong is a TimberStix shaft?

    Each stick is tested for superior strength. Although the shaft will bend slightly, they do not break easily. Any splinters that occur from blows to the stick can easily be fixed with a fine grit sand paper and a quick application of any wood finisher to the touched-up areas. In the case that a shaft does break, as many metal shafts break regularly, please do not continue to use the shaft and refer to our warranty section. 

How are the sticks finished?

     The shafts are hand sanded and then finished with multiple coats of a natural color Danish oil finish that seals and penetrates the wood deeply. The finish protects the wood from weather and is never sticky. It will hold up for multiple seasons. The shafts are branded with the company name and logo.

How will the sticks be shipped?

     The shafts will be shipped by US Postal Service Priority Mail and should arrive in 2-5 business days. 

Do you offer international shipping?

    Not yet! Maybe in the future. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding international shipping. 

How do I pay?

   Here at TimberStix we accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal on our website! All of our transactions are SSL-secured and safe. While on tour during the summer at the different lacrosse tournaments, we will also accept cash.

Whats next?

   In the near future, TimberStix will be expanding their product line to women’s shafts, defensive poles, goalie shafts, and continue to expand the sport of lacrosse in the United States and across the world.