Ambassador Program:

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           We have finally launched our Ambassador Program and are very excited for the players we have compiled already and the ones to come. We strongly believe in this program as we join some of the top players with the best high performance wooden lacrosse shaft on the market while also building a team of strong athletes, leaders and students. This team will be comprised of high level players from all levels including college. 

         Lacrosse is very much a lifestyle sport. Given that, we want to create a lifestyle that is formed by our players through this program. We want to create a lifestyle that tailors to top level division one lacrosse players as well as the needs of players in the local, pick-up leagues around the country. While many of today’s lacrosse companies are pursuing the flashy look to their business, TimberStix is promoting a simpler and more carefree lifestyle for the company and its customers. 

         That is where we need you. Lacrosse companies do well when they involve the players that use their products. We strongly embrace the motto “designed, manufactured, tested, marketed and sold by lacrosse players for lacrosse players”.  We produce products that the players want. The Ambassador Program allows you to become an integral part of the company by getting involved in the company’s every day actions, encouraging you to give suggestions on new products and ways to improve our marketing while receiving free TimberStix equipment and promotional materials.  

The Ambassador Program was put in place to help grow the company and expand the brand through the players. If you are interested in becoming part of the TimberStix Ambassador Program, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly to talk more details about the exclusive Ambassador gear and the opportunities of growing your skills as well as TimberStix as a company.