Highest PERFORMANCE Wooden Lacrosse Sticks 



 Unlike today’s metal and composite shafts, TimberStix wooden lacrosse sticks are light weight, strong, versatile and provide a rare connection with the sport. With a combination of all of those providing the highest performance shaft on the market. An amazing amount of power can be converted from the bending wood into a game winning goal or a menacing blow.  The unique feel and tradition of a TimberStix shaft provides a unique balance of strength and weight.

TimberStix Lacrosse specializes in top quality wooden lacrosse sticks. These wooden lacrosse sticks are made from the highest quality wood and should not be used as weapons. A broken shaft can cause injury and should not be used if broken. TimberStix is not liable for any injury caused by the shafts. 

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Known as America’s oldest sport, the game of lacrosse was built on a strong foundation of tradition and history in which the wooden lacrosse shaft was a true symbol of the game. At TimberStix we believe it is important to honor the spirit of the game and carry on the unique traditions of lacrosse. 

"TimberStix rocks!", Meaghan S. (St. Anselm Class of 2018, Attack)


"The unique balance a TimberStix shaft provides is a truly unique and an unbeatable feeling. They are one of the highest performance shafts on the market.", Andrew L. (St. Michaels College, Goalie)


"TimberStix is a growing company that has amazing customer service and unbeatable products.", Chris L. (Wheaton College, Attack 2010 Pilgrim League All Conference)


“The ability to be unique is the ability to succeed.” - Cortland Begor, Founder & CEO

The TimberStix Experience:

TimberStix Lacrosse is a manufacturer of traditional handcrafted men’s wooden lacrosse sticks. These handmade hardwood lacrosse sticks (NCAA Legal) are both strong and durable as well as versatile, and are made from the highest quality and straightest grain Ash. The unique balance, durability, and strength of a TimberStix lacrosse stick provides the highest performance shaft on the marketAn amazing amount of power can be converted from the flexing wood into a game winning goal or a menacing blow. These shafts are 100% handmade in the U.S.A. beginning with the choice of wood and ending with the final finishing of hand sanding and sealing. 

A TimberStix wooden lacrosse shaft provides a whole new feel to the game. There is no metal or synthetic shaft that comes close to the unique feel, balance, and performance of a wooden lacrosse stick. The TimberStix experience is one that needs to be tried, and you will then see what we are talking about.